So, I’m pretty demanding. But that’s only because I have bizarrely high standards for myself. I see little point in just accepting any old crap from students. That wouldn’t ( or certainly shouldn’t) be accepted in real life or in jobs so why would we, should we accept it when we are learning.

As I repeatedly tell my students, attending college and learning – in my case about the law – is, of course not just what attending college is all about. So many students thank that it is. This bizarre misconception that they can turn up late, irregularly, or indeed not at all, ‘borrow’ or somehow obtain lecture notes from some other source and scribble down some nonsense as if on the back of a fag packet, doesn’t work in my classes .


My students are not allowed to behave like that . I simply do not and will not allow it.

No – I have standards, high standards and all my students, upon learning that they have been lucky enough to have me as one of their lecturers, need to know that!!

I demand and insist that work I hand out in class ( or, occasionally, by email) is :-


a) always done – I find it remarkable that some students think that work given is ‘optional’ . It’s not and should always always be done

b) always be submitted on time. ‘Noon on Monday the 15th’ does not mean ‘4pm on Wednesday 17th’ . That is irritating in the extreme, to say nothing of rude and lacking in respect.

c) completed to a high standard . Work handed in as if done by a Primary 2 pupil shows an utter indifference and will simply not be accepted

In addition, studying under my guidance, studying ‘law’ is a lifestyle issue . I want my students to show me that they are made of the sort of material that will make a good lawyer . A conscientious, dedicated, keen, assiduous individual who wants to be in class. Wants to study law and wants to ( potentially) have a career in the law.

Of course all of the above is simply to ensure that ALL of my students come to my classes knowing what it is that I expect of them. Once they accept it, they’ll find I will bend over backwards to help each and every one of them and will work with them to ensure they get through the course .


So,you lot………………….now you know and I look forward to having you all in my classes!!


Thanks for stopping by…………….


Mr. O 😎


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