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Glasgow university medical students forced to resit exam after 'collusion uncovered'

If that isn’t enough to strike the fear of God into every student ( law or otherwise), I really don’t know what is. Whilst the advent of social media has undoubtedly brought many advantages to a demanding, modern , fast life, it is not without pitfalls.


One can only imagine what it must have felt like for the hoardes of totally innocent students who were not part of this dastardly act and who, rightly, will feel excruciating angst at the ‘guilty parties’. Imagine giving over, literally, years of your life to study towards no insignificant goal, only to be tarred as a ‘possible cheat’ because of the behavior of a few deviant, lazy fraudsters.


Students……beware. Lurking anywhere, round any corner is a possible a smart alec who thinks they can pull off a stunt like this. I have bad news for them – you can’t. You will be caught and dealt with accordingly. Whether it is plagiarism or an attempt at an audacious stunt like this it is CHEATING and will never be tolerated.


I have no time for cheats – whether in terms of study and academia or anything else. Leave your malevolent, deviant behavior at the door and let the rest of us honest bunch get on with it.


Here endeth the lesson.


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Mr. O