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I’m always amazed at students who don’t, won’t, can’t (???) ask a question in class. Please, for the love of God, if you do not understand something that is or has been taught, or is in a handout or PowerPoint, just ask. The fact you do not know or understand is NOT a weakness. The teacher is there to explain matters for you – to expand on what he may have said previously. To embellish on an issue that he ( and perhaps the rest of the class) is happy with but that does NOT matter if you don’t understand it.


NEVER be afraid to ask for an explanation. Your skill in communicating the fact that :-

(a) you do not adequately understand a concept and

(b) do not have an issue asking for further clarification


says a lot more about you than just sitting there like a tailor’s dummy and pretending all is well.


OK guys and gals…?? This teacher is cool, mega-cool with ‘questions’ – so never ever ever ever in my classes be afraid to use that ‘ good old Glasgow tongue in your heid’ ……………..


Thanks for stopping by……


Mr. O

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