Pizza crunch


Yip, the ‘pizza crunch’ – a delicacy, along with ‘Buckfast’ and ‘a deep fried Mars Bar’ that I have yet had the joy of savouring and certainly don’t planning on doing so anytime soon. I have suitably violent daily battles as it is with my cholesterol without these bad boys.

However, I read with great amusement a feature online where a comedian travelled up and down the UK to savour some local delicacies………a ‘pea fritter’ and ‘cod roe’ should be singled out for being especially ‘clatty’….

Scouse comic Ciaran Varley wrote this gem on social media……in relation to our city’s beloved, ‘deep fried pizza slice in batter’…………..

“The pizza crunch’s name evokes the eating experience quite nicely. Up in Glasgow, they don’t mess about. Anything you can batter, they’ll batter better. I spent a lot of my youth in Glasgow and can attest to the power of the pizza crunch. I also once had a night out in Glasgow for the sole purpose of getting oiled enough to eat one of these. If you really want an authentic experience, wash down with a bottle of Irn Bru….”

See Glasgow, by the way…??? See batter…??

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Mr. O