I recall with all my classes back at the end of August/ beginning of September 2016 saying that, whilst there was ’10 months of work ahead’ , it would pass in the blink of an eye.

Well that ‘blink’ has now happened and here we are about to end the whole academic year. Extraordinary.

I have been very lucky this year. I have taught the schools, the NQ’s, the HNC’s and the HND’s. Over 100 students across 4 campuses in two different colleges. It has been heavy going at times with an endless sea of papers to be marked, anxious students emailing at all times ( and I mean at all times !!!) and playing the role of:-

  • lecturer/teacher
  • counsellor
  • parent
  • adviser
  • lawyer
  • confidant


All very flattering – suppose they wouldn’t ask if they didn’t feel comfortable doing so.


So what has happened this year? Well, as ever, a host of young ( well mostly young), aspiring students arrive nervously and a bit excitable at the end of August, brimming and bursting with enthusiasm, confidence and expectation and start on what will be, for some a lengthy journey lasting years.

I liked the students this year – some showed really exceptional promise and I shall be keeping an eagle eye out for them in the coming years.


As usual, certain students make the life of a lecturer/teacher more pleasant than others, especially when you watch them progress well and, equally, certain students make it a lot more stressful for a bucket load of reasons.

Forrest was spot on…………………………………


I hope that my students, all 100+ of them found my teaching good, informative and useful. If I managed to make it interesting and occasionally a little light-hearted then all the better.

If they look back and reflect as fondly on me as I am doing on them, then , well, mission accomplished.


Congratulations to you all, team. I’m very proud of you and wish you all the best whatever the next step is for you. You know where I am if I can ever help and, if I can, I will.


Best wishes……….


Oh, and thanks for stopping by.


Mr. O