Talk about a plan backfiring………..those that have seen clips of Theresa May at 3.30am this morning all preened with red suit and new hairdo, will have seen the look of thunder and incandescence on her face. Far from having the opportunity of reading a no doubt well rehearsed victory speech, she now is in charge of a ‘hung parliament’ , does not have a majority and is surely  staring at the political abyss herself.

Calling a snap election to ‘cement’ her status as (unelected) Prime Minister and to railroad through Brexit has spectacularly backfired. A hung parliament now means the dreaded spectre of coalition ( and we all know how successful that was in 2010).

Prime Minister Theresa May looks on at the Magnet Leisure Centre in Maidenhead, after she held her seat(Picture – Sky News)


If ever a picture told a thousand words, see above, but, with familiar defiance, possibly arrogance and certainly utter indifference to the people, the electorate, the ‘ I have no intention of resigning’ speech has already been made ( written well in advance by the ‘spin-doctors’, undoubtedly and ‘re-tweeted’ a couple of million times. What bet that she is the former PM by noon???

Have the Tories not learned any lessons from voting patterns over the last few years?

Scottish Independence – everyone was buying new saltires expecting a win but it was defeated.

Brexit – surely we will all vote to remain..?? No – we voted to leave.

USA – that Trump guy will never win – Hilary for President – nope.

Indifference and arrogance costs votes. Listen to what the people are saying – politicians, in a democracy, are only where they are because we put them there – and we can also take them away.

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It’s a funny old game politics.

Have a good day now people and, as usual, thanks for stopping by.

Mr. O