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I will confidently predict that nobody recognises these two.

They have earned themselves a truly unenviable moniker. They are ‘ Britain’s youngest double murderers’.

Teenager Kim Edwards convinced her boyfriend, Lucas Markham, to help her kill her own mother and sister in their sleep at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Hatching a plan in a local McDonalds the pair, 14, yes 14 at the time murdered the mother and daughter, in their own home, as they slept. Markham stabbed the two, in the neck, with a kitchen knife.

They were sentenced to a minimum terms of 17 years but there is no guarantee that they will released then, if indeed they are released at all – in due time that will be a matter for the Parole Board and they will have to persuade them that they have become suitably rehabilitated and have ‘atoned’ for their crime. Their identity has only now been released by the Court of Appeal.

The nature/nurture debate, often seen as pretty central to ‘Criminology’ will be raised again by lecturers ( including yours truly) when this will inevitably be discussed next academic session in various Criminology classes. Can people be ‘born evil’…..or do they ‘acquire’ an evil side to them through exposure to what is happening in their lives ?

For most of us, at 14, we would still be classed as ‘children’ ( cue 14 year olds all over the place telling me they are not) but I hope, in fact I’m kind of confident that McDonalds is not full of them plotting to remove those in life they do not like by stabbing or shooting.

Yet these two did so and afterwards spent the next 36 hours ” having sex, sharing a bath and watching the ‘Twilight’ films”. Mercifully, these cases are rare but they do raise questions over whether, as a society we are ( whether inadvertently or intentionally) exposing young people to any form of behaviour that some how makes the unacceptable seem, in their eyes to be totally acceptable.

What do we do with people like this? They ‘executed’ a mother and her daughter – the killer’s girlfriend/lover was the sister of the dead girl and the murdered mother’s other child. Only just over a decade before she gave birth to that girl, presumably a day that was full of joy, hope and promise.


What can possibly go wrong in such a short space of time?

I teach criminology – it is arguably my favourite legal subject – over time I shall try and give some insights into cases like this and dissect the truly disturbing nature of people who commit such barbaric acts.

Apologies for the sombre tone of this post – but it is a truly awful crime.


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