It is now…!!! Shouts of ‘yippee’ and ‘ya dancer’ are resonating all over the West of Scotland this morning as term finishes for college students.

Hard to believe it’s been around 10 months since it all began but there you go. As Virgil once said, ‘tempus fugit…..’

Every year, in August, students look at you with that feeling of mistrust and indifference and yet, 10 months down the line they (hopefully) realise that all we had was their best interests at heart and all we want is for them to succeed and progress.

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Now that 10 months of work, assignments, essays, assessments, projects, presentations, sleepless nights, worry, angst, anxiety are all behind you, get out there and have a fantastic summer. Some of you will be back – I look forward to seeing you next session and sharing more of my legendary and utterly priceless pearls of wisdom with you. Some of you will move on – good luck and best wishes to you ( remember and take Mr. O’s wise words with you at all times !!) and to everyone well done and have a lovely break.


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Thanks, as always, for stopping by.


Mr. O