Well  there will be no transatlantic mercy flight and no further treatment. Little Charlie’s life support will shortly be switched off and the little lad will allowed to pass away peacefully.

This has all been a monstrously undignified circus and I hope that the various parties involved reflect on it all, in time, and realise that this really was not handled in a manner worthy of the little guy.

His parents have had a quite horrific time of it all , make no mistake about that – their little precious lad desperately and terminally ill and in an unwinnable position from the start.

The medical team at Great Ormond Street with only his best interests at heart, surely there can be little doubt about that and that their only motivation was to do what they believed was the right thing for Charlie.

The lawyers – often maligned for the manner in which they conduct themselves – once again appeared at any rate to do themselves little favours by exchanging waspish comments across a public courtroom.

A judge who didn’t want to be involved.

Finally, a public who felt it quite appropriate to send menacing ( anonymous) messages to the medical team. Add in the utterly needless interference of Donald Trump and the Vatican and this really did become an unholy mess.

These types of hearings, mercifully rare, should, in my opinion, be held in private. There is no need for us to hear of intimate and highly private thoughts. I regret to say that I suspect that Charlie’s parents were only too happy, at least initially, for the public to hear of their plight as it may have meant their case would be effectively supported. However, the role of the judiciary is to sit with total impartiality so that was a non-starter.But was it really necessary for the world to follow this matter as if it was a soap opera? At the centre of this tragic story was a life – in a dreadfully sad, if somewhat predictable end, what did all of this circus accomplish??


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Mr. O