I have to be honest and admit that I find America ( and many Americans) a scary bunch. That’s not an overly bold statement – a quick glance at any news bulletin just now and most of us probably feel the same. To re-inforce the absurdity of the situation, I think many Americans now find their fellow Americans a scary bunch.

When Trump won the Presidency late last year, it completed a series of shocks all of which were ‘coupon-busters’. I mean Scotland was surely destined for Independence and the UK would never leave the EU. Yes…??  How wrong we were.

People are ‘speaking’ all over the world – we are so lucky that those of us that live in a democracy are allowed the critical element of free speech. I do not, therefore have a problem or issue with people saying what they want – that is democracy. However, it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

America is a melting pot of cultures and creeds and religions and beliefs. It is also too big and parochial. Less than half the population even possess a passport ( 46% as per the State Department in December 2016). It therefore often sees itself as being the only country in the world that matters. It has a long history of interference ( the disastrous Vietnam War springs to mind)  and has an appalling record on human rights.

For all that it displays a cosmopolitan exterior to the rest of the world, it has a dark side. Over the last few months it has become progressively darker. It is now borderline sinister and the divisions appearing in the country’s make-up are becoming unnerving.

The events in Charlottesville last weekend were horrific. ( Make no mistake it was an act of domestic terrorism). But horrific to whom? The whole world? No – because extremism, whilst abhorrent and rejected by many, is, to some, a justifiable right and a way of life. Yes, in 2017, we still have the far extreme right, fascists, displaying swastikas and KKK hoods. In 2017.

As if that is not worrying and positively nauseating enough, one of  the most powerful people on planet earth has now seemingly defended the white supremacists and neo-Nazis by saying  that there was “blame on both sides”. Trump’s incendiary nature makes him an easy figure to dislike, almost to despise. But there is a wider issue here. He is merely fanning the flames – the fire has been burning for a long long time in that country and the bigger question is surely how we go about denouncing these atrocious views that so many appear to hold.

In life we generally take our lead from our leader/(s). That is true when we are born, when we are at school, college (??), work. If the individual who represents our country is seemingly espousing views which we find morally repugnant, where on earth does that leave us?

I suppose the answer is to ensure that his term of office is short – in this case until late 2020. But that is still a long way off.

(One of these men comes across as a maniacal demonic egomaniac with an unhealthy interest in power and nuclear weapons. The other is the leader of North Korea. )


The tone of the rhetoric Trump used in response to the equally malevolent Kim Jong-Un and his threat to obliterate Guam, was, to many an American music to their ears. They feel that they have been pushed about by many for too long – that America has been knocked off its’ perch as ‘big cheese’ and that, to paraphrase the President it is time to “make America great again”. His method, however, has been  to create suspicion and hostility around the world, cynicism and scepticism within his own party and supporters and deep division within his own country.

Through his statements yesterday, America, via his leader took a major backward step and scored a giant own-goal by somehow trying to suggest and infer a moral parallel between those who were seeking to promote white supremacy and those opposing it. It is almost unfathomable . You do not get to be a Nazi supporter and a proud American – there literally was a world war about this and evil was defeated.


All of us must unite to ensure under no circumstances is it to return and , sadly it would appear we must also teach some of our world leaders.


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Mr. O