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Thought I’d introduce a new ‘digest’ feature to my blog whereby periodically I can give some views and opinions on a series of topics and issues but all contained within the same posting.

As ever, I welcome feedback and comment whether good, bad or indifferent…..!! Enjoy..!



John Worboys

So, I read with interest over the weekend the outcry at the proposed release of John Worboys which I wrote about on 9th January. In particular that the government are considering applying for a ‘judicial review’ of the Parole Board’s decision to release this man. That will not be easy. After all, a judicial review is effectively a challenge to the way in which a particular body has reached a decision, rather than the rights and wrongs of the conclusion reached. Unless the Parole Board has made some inherent error ( which, I suspect, is unlikely) then I would imagine any judicial review would be unlikely to succeed. That is not to say that in any way I condone their decision – it seems utterly perverse and manifestly wrong.

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But for any due process to be successful and in the interests of natural justice to be fulfilled, there have to be procedures and the first natural step here would be to hear the Parole Board narrate on what basis they believe this guy no longer poses a threat to the public – that after all is the test that all prisoners have to pass before even being considered for early release.

A very strange decision indeed. Watch this space.


Donald Trump

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There surely cannot be a single newspaper or magazine editor ( or blogger…??!!) who doesn’t rejoice everytime the President of the USA opens his mouth. The man is a constant and endless stream of verbal faux pas and his latest outburst is no exception. It is alleged that, in relation to parts of Africa and Haiti he referred to them as ‘shithole countries’ – I will leave it up to each individual reader to draw their own conclusions on that one.

But, whether he is jousting with Kim Jong-Un and taunting him with childish and waspish remarks, or waging a personal war with every journalist on planet earth, he rarely fails to grab the attention. It is almost beyond belief that it is still 5 days until he has been in office one year. Interesting though that he has called off his trip to the UK – whilst he is evidently not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ surely the UK has had far worse leaders visit – Mugabe, Assad ?? – with some lame tale about the new US embassy being a ‘bad deal’. Any decent PR consultant will surely have advised him that he is not top of the popularity stakes here.



It is probably hard to imagine a subject that sends people off to sleep more nowadays than ‘Brexit’. It has become a by-word for issues that no longer interest us or even stimulate our long term views. I mean we would all be utterly deluded if we think that this is an issue that will not have a long lasting effect on our lives. It will be of particular relevance to, for example, my current crop of students as, by the time they have completed their studies, we will have left and the full implications of isolation will be upon us.

Image result for brexit

I see that there are cat-calls for another referendum but, whilst I wasn’t happy at the outcome in June 2016, we are a democracy and the people spoke.  I see that this very day our First Minister claims to have evidence to suggest that Brexit will cost Scotland £12.7bn a year, principally through slower economic growth. There is probably no satisfactory outcome for everyone here but it is a monumentally important issue and one which we should all pay very close attention to in the coming months.


That’ll do for today, folks. As ever, thanks for stopping by.


Mr. O

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