I haven’t ‘blogged’ in a while. Apologies – I’ve been so bloody busy with, well , everything I simply haven’t been able to devote the required amount of time and thought.

But, hey, here we go. Unusually, very unusually, there are NO pictures tonight. This is too important 😉 it’s also too short , for me , but I wanted to get this ‘to press’ ASAP.

Earlier today the POTUS ( President of the United States) and FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) arrived in London fora ‘4 day visit’. It was NOT a state visit but they were scheduled to meet the PM and, bizarrely, our monarch.. But it was not a state visit.


So, was it Donald Trump that was visiting or the President of the United States…?? Is it one in the same..?? Clearly yes …. and no.

Is that possible..? Well, yes. I think. 😉

Not by any means for the first time , this Presidency has raised a plethora of hugely uncomfortable issues and questions and it is that scenario that I believe he enjoys so much.

(Incidentally, so do we)

Trump is a bully. He is an egomaniac. He is usurped and utterly consumed by himself…..and absolutely nothing and nobody else. A salutary glance at his relatively short time in power will clarify that.

However, is that, in itself , enough to berate the man, in his role as President of (arguably) the worlds foremost superpower and classify him as some form of ‘enemy ‘.

No, it evidently is not.

It’s almost unbelievably ironic, and indeed unfathomable that when borderline despots like Mugabe , Jinping and Erdogan have visited these shores very little, if anything, has been said.

There were no protests. No placards. No threats and people clambering to get on Sky News to tell us how bad it is and why they shouldn’t be there.

Is that odd? Well it seems so, at least prima facie.

Is it in some way understandable? Yes.

Is it acceptable? No.


I shall try and explain .

Trump is a businessman – first and foremost. He was not born to be in politics – it is not, if you like in his ‘DNA’ like the Kennedy’s or Bush’s.

What was his motive to become the world’s most powerful man? To change, absolutely, a nation that was floundering?

A nation that suffered, horrendously, the crash of ’08? Possibly, in part.

But an individual driven so obsessively by self- worth and belief it seems more likely that his primary motive is to stamp what he sees as an acceptable way of living on not only the US but the entire world. That, after all is exemplified by his demeanour, his very swagger and his speeches which, one has to say are not the most erudite one has ever heard.

But wait a minute – does he care about ‘the entire world’. No. Not for a moment.. His entire existence suggests that his only concern is North America.

But is this acceptable when you ‘lead/represent ‘ a superpower..?

Is it not the job of such an individual that they have an underlying responsibility and relationship with the entire world rather than just ‘their’ country..??

Look at Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. Parodied by many – but one cannot however deny that he is a threat , should you ‘rub him up the wrong way’. But could that be the very essence of Trump?? A challenge whereby he sees another ‘leader’ threaten his ‘ patch’. His absurdly offensive rhetoric towards him ( q.v. ” rocket man”) almost pervades an infantile approach to ‘leadership’.

I have seen nothing so far to suggest that this man has true ‘leadership qualities ‘. What I have seen is a stoic defence of his own country and people, and, in the main, I do not have an issue with that – however, being a ‘world leader’ means having an almost mythical ability towards dealing with ‘awkward ‘world powers and having an inert ability to facilitate meaning and understanding with them.

We may not like them but we must/ should ‘get on with them’.

I see little of this with the American President.

As recently as a earlier today he’s rubbed our PM ( I don’t rate her but she is our leader) up the wrong way but she appears to have bent over and taken it.

The only winner ………?? USA

The only loser/(s) ………. the rest of us.

HOWEVER……he is the President of the USA. He has humongous influence on us and the rest of the world. We may not like it but it is true. Therefore, he does deserve his status – we may not like the fact he is what he is but the fact is he IS the President , and should be shown respect, not least of which because they ( the USA) are our greatest allies ( and we may very well need them). Also, because it is right and proper that we do so and because it would be bonkers not to.

Thanks for stopping by folks – I shall try and blog more often.


Mr. O 😎