How scary is it that there are only 58 days until Christmas…?? šŸ˜• This is also week 9 of the current academic year, meaning that on Friday our students are a quarter of the way through their course.

For our senior students this is of special importance and relevance. This is their final year before embarking on, for some, the joys of ‘higher education’ and university life.

Are You Ready For University?

A daunting thought, in many ways, but what an adventure awaits!!! Hard work, dedication, self-discipline and a desire to succeed all bring students to the front door of university. It will be a hard slog – 3, 4 years of study and hard graft but, at the end of it, a degree and (hopefully) a good, solid career. It my own discipline, Law, boy how times have changed.

The entrance requirements ‘back in my day’ were 5 A’s in your Highers ( at first sitting). It was an elite degree and , generally, the universities only wanted the best of the best. There were no ‘open book’ exams – I had 39 3 hour closed book exams before I was awarded my LL.b – and you were expected to join clubs and societies, undertake trips to courts and tribunals alone and in your spare time, read ‘quality’ newspapers and journals and be up to speed not only with legal news and cases and developments but all ‘current affairs’ too.

With our students using college, in the main, to further their own potential careers, this seems like as good a time as any to remind them of the sort of characteristics that make ‘good’ students. Or even that make ‘good’ students even better.

Image result for hard work sign

I only EVER want the best for my students – I NEVER have any other motive. But i do know what I am talking about and , whilst I never ever want to come across as haughty or a know-it-all, I have been there and know what to do.

I suppose it amazes me every year ( and of course by amaze I also mean slightly depresses) that students at all levels and at all stages seem to only ever want to do the bare minimum to get by. The bare minimum is not good enough and is insufficient. I want for my students what they hopefully want for themselves. To be the very best that they can be.

That means the highest degree of effort at all times coupled with a desire and enthusiasm that shows others what they really want. Sitting in class daydreaming about what you’re having off the Nando’s menu is not the attitude to have.

The best students are the selfish ones. The ones that go after what they want.

Like all academic years I am confident that the various students we have this year will do well.

They could do a lot worse than to listen to this old droning fool. He’s been around the block a few times and knows what he’s on about šŸ˜Š

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