I am fairly certain that all of our current crop of students will be eligible to vote next month. If not, there cannot be many who do not. As someone who has had the vote for over 30 years, it would be fascinating to hear what is going through the minds of the young voters. This is surely the hardest election to call for a generation ( I suspect since 1983, actually). My issue is who on earth to vote for…..?? In many ways it feels like a case of Hobson’s choice but the implications are always, as in this occasion, so important. Vote Boris – crikey, there’s a thought. Yet another unelected PM ( like May before him and Gordon Brown in 2007) and one who appears so dangerous that I wonder if his general buffoonery is a ruse for an underlying current of guilefulness. Certainly I don’t believe his 3 months in power has given the country any hope that he is the man to unravel the Brexit farrago and take us forward. Vote Jeremy – Labour are at sixes and sevens and have been for some time. Their principal issue seems to be ‘in-house’ and the extraordinary amount of fighting with each other. For subjects such as ‘bullying’ and ‘anti-semitic’ behaviour even to be discussed by a party who have general aspirations to be the UK’s next government is surely a matter of very considerable concern. The party leader has certainly what appears to have something of a murky past, insofar as what certain photographs appear to show in respect of the company he once kept. Vote Nicola – I suspect that , whilst undoubtedly she will be retained, without any real challenge from anywhere here in Scotland, she may not find it all plain sailing. While yesterday’s rally for independence seemed to indicate an extraordinary level of support, there are many who do not want to be apart from the rest of the UK, the debacle of Brexit aside. Others – the Lib-Dems, complete with new leader will likely see fairly major gains, at least in part to reflect that people simply don’t want either of the big two. The Greens will do moderately well, despite never getting anywhere remotely close to actually leading our country. Perhaps one of the most intriguing will be to watch wily ol’ Nige Farage to see what he can do on the night. I certainly hope that everyone who has the right to vote uses it. Given the unrest in many parts of the world, especially where there are no democracies, it seems a real horrible irony that we regularly only attract 60-70% of a turnout. All those that have the right to vote, should exercise that right. Oh and if you see and/or hear anyone say they ‘know’ what the result will be, just laugh and say to them…’do ye, aye…’. 😆 Image result for uk general election 2019 (courtesy – ukgeneralelection2019.co.uk)