1. Lost a minimum of one full layer of skin on my hands from excessive scrubbing and now no longer have the full use of either through absurdly chapped skin.

2. Sick of ‘updates’ – there are only so many times I can bear to hear of the imminent doom that is (apparently) inevitable.

3. Funny how drinking ‘home alone’ in 2019 made you a) sad , b) disturbed and c) a loser but now, in 2020, makes you a) a true citizen b) an inspiration and c) a hero. Mmmmmmm……

4. Decided that the next person who says or writes ‘strange times, eh’ will require to have a baseball bat and knuckle-duster taken to them immediately.

5. Certainly going slightly mad. Day 12….and this might last for in excess of Day 80…………. what would I do without Carlsberg, Sauvignon and Gin…………

6. I’m assuming in 9 months or so when there is an explosion of babies we will call them ‘coronials’…???

7. The wife and I sometimes wish we had a dog until I remind myself that a dog is for life and not just a global pandemic.

8. Weekly journey to Morrisons now feels like walking down a dark alley very late at night. Standing in the taxi queue outside Central Station will never hold any fear again.

Strange times, eh? ( See No. 4, supra).

Take care and stay safe folks.