Unusually for me, no pictures today. Neither, sadly will there be any witty bon mots. I am feeling anything other than humourous this afternoon.

I feel angry, frustrated, a little sad, a wee bit scared and fearful for the future. All from what is going on ‘out there’. I’ve just ventured out to a local supermarket. Social distancing was neither observed nor enforced. Partly because elements of the public are thick and simply don’t know what to do; partly because there is a growing element of those who simply elect, purposely, not to comply and partly because ‘human bloody rights’ have dominated life in 2020 and those whose very job is to enforce ‘rules’ are scared to for fear of attack.

I witnessed some of Glasgow’s finest array of neds flout every ‘rule’ we have been told about. Almost willing someone to challenge them so that they could spew their bile at the first one that did. As much as we have witnessed some fine acts of humanity, this crisis has, alas, brought out the idiot in many.

Social media is full of incidents ( around the world) of cretinous morons who are ‘licking’ food and deliberately coughing in people’s faces. Why anyone would consider such behaviour, utterly perplexing for most of us, ‘funny’ is baffling in the extreme.

Perhaps equally baffling is the downright refusal by so many to obey what are, after all, ‘rules’ and not guidelines. One of the main problems, though, is that any rules are only effective if enforced and it is palpably clear that there are a bunch out there who are continuing to give two fingers to these ‘rules’, but, simultaneously, are jeopardising it for the rest of us. First and foremost jeopardising our health by milling around unnecessarily but also by prolonging this bloody ‘lockdown’ period. We ALL want to get out and about but it will not be relaxed as long as these clowns keep behaving as they are.

I’m also hugely troubled at what clearly now has been exposed as our astonishing lack of preparation for all this. Whilst nobody is suggesting we knew ‘coronavirus’ was an impending doom, surely any responsible government/administration has contingencies in place for any ‘force majeure’. The butchering of our NHS over the past years by the Conservatives has left us all in a perilous situation but it is the frontline workers that are suffering now. It is wholly incongruous and entirely unjust that those who are literally risking life and limb each time that turn up for work are not even being provided with basic PPE. There may be many an individual with blood on their hands when this nightmare is over.

Moreover, what of the ‘other’ key workers. Day and daily turning up at work to drive, stack shelves, clean, uplift rubbish and so on. Once again, largely working class jobs by people brave enough to do them in this climate but who are also the ones suffering. And dying.

Yet again, the same individuals suffer at a time of crisis. The working classes could very easily be wiped out around the world because of this pandemic. Countries like the UK, France, Spain and, of course, Italy have had their frailties brutally exposed across the world. The USA has already in the LAST MONTH lost more people than it did in TEN YEARS in Vietnam. I can’t bear the thought of what this disease will do to the undeveloped countries in Africa, many of which will be luckly to avoid extinction.

These are desperate times – not because we are confined to our houses. No, because the world was unprepared to act with speed, diligence and decisiveness. We are now paying the awful price for such behaviour. Almost 1000 a DAY losing their lives in Britain – many prematurely. Well over 10,000 already in parts of Europe and staggering numbers in the US. Each night on the news we hear of copious numbers of medics still without the necessary equipment they need to do their extraordinary work and yet, from the very top with our PM and future King, we have seen that this disease is indiscriminate in nature.

This will pass. Of that I have no doubt. I suspect 2020 is a bit of a ‘cat’s game’ and really life will (hopefully) resume in 2021. But the world will have a lot less people in it that it should and there are an increasing number of families going through unimaginable grief and anguish. Some of that grief has been caused by world leaders whose decision making making has been quite disgraceful.

Shame on them.

Stay safe everyone.


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