Again, no japes of quips or witticisms today – just another stinging set of hypotheses and challenging questions for a selection of the ‘powers that be’. My last blog clearly gave the impression that I was irritated (feedback told me that) – good. I was. I am.

Before everyone elevates our Prime Minister to that of Saint, let’s not forget the butchery that he has performed on the NHS – the very same people he has now thanked for saving his life.The very same people against whom he cheered when he and his colleagues blocked a pay increase. What about that for sheer breathtaking hypocrisy..??

Why are we on course for having Europe’s biggest number of cases and fatalities..? Because we had the chance to act and didn’t, at a time when others did. Why did we allow hundreds of thousands of people to gather at Cheltenham for a bloody horse festival? Why, in early March did we allow 3000 Spanish fans to travel to Liverpool (and NOT check them on arrival) and attend a football match? This from the epicentre of the country worst affected at that time. How is that even possible? Who was advising us when countries surrounding us ( Ireland and France) went into lockdown? Why is the public not demanding answers?

What the hell is going on as regards PPE? Why, in 2020, in a country like the United Kingdom has this caused a problem? It is barbaric that we are expecting men and women to put their own lives on the line for the wellbeing of others and ‘go to war’ ( and it is a war – it’s just that the enemy is invisible) without the correct ‘armoury’. Would we ask a soldier to engage in battle without a gun and other ‘protective’ equipment.

Why are flights STILL being permitted into this country and NO CHECKS are being carried out on the passengers? What kind of lunacy is this? It sounds like a (very) bad joke. Except that even when a bad joke is cracked, some muppet laughs. Not now. There is no laughter in this country and rightly so.

Why are there cretins who are still not obeying the rules and ‘staying at home’. Why are we not clamping down on this moronic behaviour and hammering them? Because it’s not ‘British’, that’s why. Get them, fine them heavily and if caught again jail them or, at least, ‘tag’ them.

Why are the supermarkets not enforcing ‘social distancing’ more vigorously and robustly? The shambles I’ve witnessed at most, simply must mean that anyone either with the virus ( there are no checks so there is nothing to stop an infected person nipping out to Asda) or carrying it are , potentially, infecting thousands. Literally. Why not bring in single aisle shopping? Why not limit even further the numbers allowed in store? Why not recruit hundreds, or thousands of drivers and start ‘mass home deliveries’. I fear that the manner in which we are behaving as a country has contributed, along with negligent leadership, to where we are now. We MUST take responsibility for our own behaviour and not just blame the Government. I’ve been in lockdown since Monday 16th March. In that time I leave the house about once a week for a total of around 2 hours. I collect shopping (without entering the store) and deliver some to a family member. That’s it. So I can legitimately rant and fling mud because I’m a compliant member of the public. Not all of us are. Remember – EVERY action has a consequence.

Why, in America, do we see 60%, yes three out of every five citizens, still believing that their President has done and is doing an ‘amazing’ job when that country has lost more people in 3 weeks than it did in TEN YEARS in Vietnam? The more I watch from North America, genuinely the more I fear on behalf of a frighteningly ignorant race and one that is being led by a bafflingly narcissistic man. I suspect that we will all be gobsmacked at the final death toll in the USA.

Why has their not been universal outcry at China and the practices which, at best, have contributed to this pandemic and, at worst, caused it? Why is their not revulsion and condemnation at the practices in their ‘wet markets’?

Why do other countries appear to be treating this so flippantly and may see large numbers of their own people wiped out? The President of Belarus thinks vodka will see off coronavirus. Sweden up until about 10 days ago had its’ citizens mingling freely with each other and having drinks in bars and outside cafes. As for some of the less developed countries in Africa, I shudder to think of the ultimate loss of life.

There will require to be, in Britain, as with other parts of the world, an enquiry. A rather large enquiry too. As ever, a lack of accountability and transparency will mean little or no answers. But there are many people with blood on their hands over this and I hope that the rest of us simply do not tolerate it.

We must not for get the thousands that have died and will continue to die unnecessarily. To do so would be an utter dereliction of our duty as human beings.

Life can never be the same after this. But wouldn’t it be nice if the whole, hellish experience taught us lessons that leads to a more positive future? For those of us involved in teaching the ‘next generation’ – if that happened, it would make me very happy.

There is some quite unforgiveable behaviour going on just now – please remember that.

Take care and stay safe everyone.