Feeling progressively more and more like Robinson Crusoe. Anyway, time for another rant.

Once again on Thursday evening I opened up the patio doors at the back garden and stood clapping audibly, collectively and respectively ( not just for the NHS but all out frontline workers who are all doing an extraordinary job). But I have several issues with doing this : firstly, the British public seem to be suffering from amnesia. Just 4 months ago, a mere 16 or so weeks, the majority of the English public voted Boris Johnson and his cronies into 10 Downing Street with a landslide victory. This wasn’t a close election – they absolutely ran away with it. Whilst I accept that a wave of nationalism swept through the entire country, nonetheless they voted in a party who have systematically butchered our National Health Service for years. They voted in a party who, almost to a ‘man’ clapped and cheered in 2017 when a vote on giving a pay rise for staff was defeated. Yet these are the same people who are now hollering every Thursday with their pots and pans and woden spoons. It is breathtaking hypocrisy.

Further, whilst we all coo and sniffle at Captain Tom Moore, is it really necessary in 2020 that a man 2 weeks shy of his 100th birthday has to shuffle round his garden aided by a zimmer before money is raised for them? Whilst our PM patronisingly ‘thanks’ the NHS for saving his life before he returns to his country mansion. You couldn’t make this up. We already pay for our health service – that is the principle role of NIC. Whilst I have every admiration for Mr. Moore, it really is appalling that this is where we are in a country like ours. I see today we are in 5th place for the highest number of deaths in the world.

How the hell did that happen? A disgraceful lack of experienced decisive leadership back when it mattered. In early March, the Italians were yelling at us to do something or we’d ‘go like them’. No doubt , in a traditional British way, we thanked them politely and promptly did nothing. The Cheltenham races were allowed to continue and 3000 Madrilenians were allowed to enter the UK, UNCHECKED and mingle with football fans in Liverpool. We will,of course, never know the resulting contamination but it is likely to be mind-bogglingly large.

Our PM’s brush with death, Capt. Moore and his walk and not far short of 1000 deaths A DAY have rather conveniently deflected from the misgivings of this administration. It is surely bordering on criminal negligence – the state, after all, is at the forefront of the ‘duty of care’ maxim and it seems fairly obvious that, in many respects, they have failed hopelessly.

Whilst many of the deaths had Covid-19 as a contributory factor and, regrettably, these poor individuals would most likely have passed away regardless, there are a growing number of people for whom they have died far too soon and, in some cases, totally unnecessarily.

This is a situation that I hope members of the public start to wisen up to you, question and demand answers when we have seen the back of this virus.

As for the PPE debacle, that is surely nothing short of a national disgrace.

I hope that people hold those who wield their axe of power fully to account. Do not forget all this.

To do so would really mean the deceased have died in vain.

One thought on “Saturday 18th April – Day 34

  1. Yes, I agree that it certainly looks like we reacted far too slowly. Germany seem to have the right idea; acting swiftly, decisively and also they getting to grips with widespread testing. Will we ever feel quite the same after this? As for Boris, …..😡 It’s a bit depressing to think that for many older people, life will not return to normal for a long time!


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