Coronavirus: Dettol maker says disinfectant should not be ingested ‘under any circumstances’ | US News | Sky News
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Imagine a company actually having to publish a caveat such as this. But there you go and welcome to the USA in 2020 and their esteemed leader. Beaches packed with people, arrests being made for non-compliance only to be met with howls of derision and chants of ‘We are Americans’ and a leader who advocates the ingestion of bleach and natural light ‘under the skin’.

And we think we’ve got it bad here. In fact, every time you think we do have it bad here and have a leader who is at least semi-nuts, think 3000 miles west.

Interestingly, no actually scandalously, he ( our said esteemed, if semi-nuts leader) appeared yesterday morning at the Downing Street podium ( looking far from 100% and rather beleaguered) and told us what a great job we are doing. Really? Maybe I could just remind him that:-

1. The UK has one of the worst fatality rates on the planet for COVID-19 and may become, pro rata, THE worst.

2. Over 20,000 people have already lost their lives although the figure is generally regarded as being about double that….and still rising.

3. Lockdown was unquestionably delayed, needlessly, resulting in certain activities being allowed to proceed ( Cheltenham, Champions League), needlessly and many many people losing their lives. Needlessly.

4. PPE and testing are wholly and hopelessly inadequate and this is simply nothing short of a national scandal.

5. Frontline staff and key workers are DYING, many needlessly. This is utterly shameful and there are many people in this country with blood on their hands. Simple as that.

This is not a ‘success’. This is not ‘doing a great job’ .

I hope the British public, the majority of them English who put this man and his party into government NEVER forget this.


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