Every day, seemingly almost every hour, possibly even every minute(?) there appears to be update after update on ‘coronavirus’. We are sick of the word. But it’s all so negative, all the time. Fleetingly, some poor dude just out of 23 days in intensive care will be interviewed and asked mind-numbing questions like, ‘How was it in there?’. Fantastic and amazing, no doubt. What do you think it was like?

As one ITV ‘presenter’ opined last week ( he used to a tabloid journalist and now has a part-time job presenting breakfast telly), ‘Mr Smith..you were in an induced coma and nearly died. You nearly lost your life and would never have seen your family again. Never. How does that feel..??’ What??? This isn’t the old News of the World matey when sensationalist drivel is your raison detre. And why would you want to speak to any human being like that? This show of utter grandstanding by so many in the media is becoming utterly nauseating. It is done for absolutely no other reason that a self imposed very large dose of grandiose pomposity, as evidenced by a worryingly large number of those in the media and television engaging in such behaviour.

Is there any need, at all, for an endless wave of grim news that are surely going to scare us to death if the virus doesn’t do so first? Channels almost renamed to ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’ as ALL they now do is report on this. Why? We know by now the 4 ‘rules’ for going out. Other than that stop whingeing, stay indoors and bloody get on with it. Sooner we all comply, sooner we can ‘move on’ (whatever that means).

Is it necessary to engage all the time in intrusive tales of death and misery? Is it aimed at ‘scaring us into compliance’? If so it’s only had relatively minor success with what looks like being one of the highest death rates in the world, certainly pro rata and people still sunning themselves in the local park, queueing up at the seaside for a 99 and generally just sticking two fingers up at the Government. Look at America. Scary though it is as a country, with some pretty scary inhabitants and an extraordinarily scary leader, there is some flummoxing and bewildering behaviour by people who should know better. Do we really need to see, constantly, the faces of the dead , almost nightly on the news? Do we need to see some hapless newbie reporter being shoved into some ICU where there are human being in the last moments of life? Even their own relatives cannot get in but a TV crew appear welcome. It’s not right. Nor is it helpful.

In time, there will be recriminations galore and rightly so. Those that harp on about us ‘not seeing this coming’ and silly meaningless hyperbolic metaphors like it being like a ‘tsunami’ are just idiotic. Those concerned should do some research on Exercise Cygnus in 2016. Let’s hear from them after they’ve researched that. Spend more time holding those in power to account for allowing this nightmare to unfold rather than telling us minute by minute the ever-spiralling death toll. Many people now will be scared stiff to ever go out again.

This alarmist and gloom-ridden behaviour is counter-productive. But the motives behind it are almost as bad. Not done out of altruism for our well-being. Done by a vile abuse of position by some lurid journos who are using this fiasco for their own good.

Grotesque and abominable it is.