Just when the curtain threatened to come down on the opening couple of days of the pantomime that was COP26 and all the fawning and sycophancy by world leaders finally ended, we were hit with the ‘Owen Paterson’ farrago. Another obscene episode in a book full of similar obscenities. This latest illustration of sleaze and suspected venality at the highest level is what we have come to expect from an administration (and leader) that repeatedly find themselves embroiled in sordid and highly questionable examples of suspected immorality. An array of crises – ‘Brexit’ (that dogged old friend that will simply not go away) and ‘coronavirus’ (surely one of our country’s darkest ever episodes) have undoubtedly overshadowed allegations by many of their suspected malfeasance.

Mercifully, the inexplicably continuous and sustained popularity of our Prime Minister appears to have finally waned. But only now – and only just.

Quotes about Here We Go Again (29 quotes)

The bloviating Johnson, whose japery and buffoonery has been filling the front pages for years and given endless material to satirists, appeals to many, albeit inexplicably. This risible ‘upper-class-old-etonian-bumbling-twit routine’ (and he is not the only one guilty of it in the government) actually appears to resonate with many members of the public as well as in his own party, bizarrely. Until now, it would seem. The Paterson saga appears to have had an effect – finally.

We all know that the handling of both Brexit and Covid has been an unmitigated disaster. The miasma created by the former must be utterly perplexing to the rest of the world, never mind us here in Blighty. As for his conduct in relation to Brexit and Northern Ireland…………………………………..

His appalling and palpable ineptitude at diplomacy has left him an isolated figure amongst his European counterparts, most of whom are in no hurry to bail him out. Indeed a great number want to see Brexit fail. And fail huge. All this bluster from years back that Brexit would allow us Brits to ‘take back control’ is claptrap. Control has been lost – make no mistake.

In terms of the pandemic, the eye-watering levels of death, many of which could undoubtedly have been avoided had more decisive and robust decisions been taken timeously, should rightly leave us all incandescent with rage. But he seems, in respect of these two issues and many others, to care not a jot, often just smiling and grinning inanely. We are forced to watch cringeworthy interviews and witness personal appearances and speeches not quite knowing where to look or what to expect next. References to Kermit the Frog at the United Nations, James Bond at COP26 last week and other demonstrations of mortification and puerile shenanigans leave us reeling and regularly hiding behind the couch.

Further, many of us will remember his disgraceful comments aimed at Liverpool and the Hillsborough disaster from as far back as 17 years ago. He has also previously referred to gay men as ’tank-topped bum-boys’, has compared Muslim women to ’letterboxes’ and suggested Malaysian women only go to university to ’find men to marry’. Black women have been told they have ‘watermelon smiles’ and even comments about Scotland have not escaped his vitriol, writing in The Spectator that ‘Government by a Scot is just not conceivable’ and that, as a country, it is ‘full of rotten boroughs’. His coup de grâce has often then been to state that many of these comments were ‘wholly satirical’ and ‘taken out of context’. Really ..?

Only yesterday whilst skulking 300 miles from the House of Commons, where he should evidently have been, he was asked three times in a very brief television interview whether he would apologise for the recent unseemly events at Westminster involving his former colleague Paterson…….but steadfastly refused to do so.

This outrageous proliferation of sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic and downright racist views are extraordinary as is his persistently moronic behaviour. What then, as they say, is the score?

Perhaps these sorts of outbursts, grossly inappropriate comments and demonstrations of highly questionable behaviour, actually create a climate of perceived acceptability for such views. Could the unpalatable truth be that in the UK there exists an undercurrent of discrimination and that Johnson’s behaviour is merely reflective of it? Whether that be towards women, other faiths, immigrants or simply those less fortunate. With a leader exhorting such sentiments, is it any wonder we have accusations from so many groups stating that we have a major problem in Britain with misogyny, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and antisemitism…….to name but a few..?

Boris Johnson left hanging 20ft in air after getting stuck on zip wire -  VIDEO - Mirror Online
Sometimes, there are simply no words.

‘Sleaze’, the buzzword of the moment, (but probably far too mild a word for the current debacle) entered the lexicon of the British political scene in the 1990s. Towards the end of the 18-year reign of the Tories (who had been in power since 1979), many of their MPs became embroiled in scandal after scandal. Sex stories, financial irregularities and other transgressions all led to Lord Nolan being appointed to create ‘Standards for Life in Public Office’. The ’Nolan Principles’(below) have been with us now for over a quarter of a century but does anyone observe them any longer or even care that they exist?

(The Nolan Principles)

Lord Nolan was asked to head up a committee to establish these standards by former Conservative leader and Prime Minister John Major following a series of salacious and embarrassing tales involving a series of politicians during his reign. The seven principles : selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership are/should be self-explanatory, but are they being adhered to? Do those in public office conveniently develop amnesia meaning they are simply ignored?


  1. BRITISHimmoral, sordid, and corrupt behaviour or activities.

In the current government, there have been uncomfortable accusations surrounding lobbying, procurement, issuing of contracts and general cronyism. Yesterday, the SNP confirmed that they have written to the Metropolitan Police alleging criminal behaviour by the Conservatives and asking for a full investigation. But the ’Owen Paterson’ debacle surely takes the proverbial biscuit. As a result, it looks finally that Johnson’s ratings in the polls have suffered with his lowest level ever. But will it last or, like so many other analogous episodes will the slump in his popularity boil over. He seems to have a teflon coating which is as galling as it is downright unbelievable.

But are we witnessing the winds of change, at long last? This time, not only have a growing section of the country slated him but even factions from within his own party. Stoically, one of his own ministers said, as recently as Sunday, that all this is a ‘storm in a teacup’ but Major, the former PM had already waded into the debate on Saturday and gave it both barrels. He said of Johnson and the government that their actions were ‘damaging at home and to our reputation overseas’. He went on to comment that ‘…there’s a general whiff of ‘we are the masters now’ about their behaviour. It has to stop, it has to stop soon’. Quite.

(Owen Patterson)

As American economist Thomas Sowell once said…….

’It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong’.

And there, mes amis, lies the problem. When you behave in a manner that suggests you care not one whit about ever having to justify your decisions or motives or actions (professional or personal), or indeed care what ramifications your behaviour may cause, then that says it all. It is of note, that even yesterday afternoon at the specially convened debate in the House of Commons on the very issue of ethics and standards, our Prime Minister didn’t even turn up, leaving hapless colleagues to issue insipid, half-hearted apologies. Indeed when this was all going on, he was parading about a hospital without a mask. In a hospital. A hospital. Christ.

The current administration in Westminster sorely need to put their house in order. And urgently.

This feeling that they possess unfettered power, show a total lack of transparency and accountability and a exhibit a frighteningly disdainful and supercilious attitude towards almost everything and everyone, simply must stop. Of course, the electorate can and must play their part too. Stop all this vomit-inducing obsequiousness whereby irrespective of whatever cretinous behaviour is demonstrated, we simply put up with it. How British. How very British.

Remember, the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse of it. Yet our country appears to be slowly losing its’ way. We no longer seem to possess a moral compass and seem to live our lives with increasing filter-less behaviour.

But then, so it appears, do those who run our country.

After all, a fish rots from the head down.

Stay safe.

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